On Tap

2018-02-13 (2).jpg

No. 1: Truculent | 4.8%

A subtle sour that pours a hazy golden color. The bouquet is reminiscent of mango, banana, and pear.


NO. 2: Truculent W/Centennial | 4.8%

A nose that can best be described as “Dank”. This
dry hopped beer pairs a resinous hop like Centennial
with the subtle acidity of Truculent. The tropical fruit character of the hop shines through in the finish.


NO. 3: Derisive | 5.3%

A blend of red and brown sour ale aged in white wine barrels. The beer pours a beautiful reddish brown with an aroma of cherries, oak and clove. The flavor is a combination of cherry and citrus. A slight sweetness balances the acidity and keeps you coming back for more.


no. 4: Derisive w/ coffee | 5.3%

Bold coffee aroma is complemented by bright fruity aromas. The flavor is complex; fruity with a light roast, sour with a slight malt character. A fun beer that steps outside the box of traditional sour beer flavors.


No. 5: derisive w/ Chocolate | 5.3%


Rich dark chocolate aroma with intoxicating floral notes. Flavor is bright with hints of citrus and chocolate while the acidity makes this decadent beer light and refreshing.


NO. 6: derisive w/ apricot & Peach | 5.3%

Apricots are front and center in the aroma with some peach character coming through in the flavor. The acidity makes the flavors pop. I'm really proud of this beer.


NO. 7: SYBARITE | 5.0%

Sour red ale with notes of strawberries and cherries. This is the real deal, with an acidity that is not for the faint of heart.


NO. 8: SYBARITE w/sPICE | 5.0%

Our sour red ale paired with "Holiday" spices. We wanted to create a complex flavor profile with everything in balance. The beer has a bright nose from the orange zest that pairs well with the spicy flavors of nutmeg and cinnamon.


NO. 9: Sybarite W/Cherries | 5.1%

A transcendent cherry aroma with subtle oak and brett character. The cherry flavor is reminiscent of pie and is balanced by acidity and oak tannin.


NO. 10: incessant | 5.3%

Juicy ripe fruit on the nose, reminiscent of mango and citrus. Balanced acidity with some oats in the finish.


NO. 11: Prodigal | 5.3%

A blend of sour blonde and red beers aged for four months in white wine barrels. The aroma is complex with notes of oak, white wine, mango, and cherries. The flavor is both fruity and sour with an oak finish that helps balance the acidity.