On Tap


No. 1: TRUCULENT | 5.2%

Our OG blonde is back and better than ever, this time after eight months in Chardonnay barrels. The white wine character and american Oak shine through brightly, creating a complex aroma. The rich oak flavor is balanced by a subtle acidity and culminates with a dry finish.


No. 3: Sybarite | 5.5%

Our sour red ale aged in a blend of red and white wine barrels. The aroma is citrusy with a hint of oak. The flavor is complex with vanilla notes from the oak and a bright orange citrus from the brettanomyces.

NO. 4: magnanimous | 6.6%

Our dark sour ale aged in wine barrels for ten months. The aroma is bright with citrus, cherry, oak, and caramel. The flavor is complex with notes of chocolate, oak and red wine.



NO. 5: Truculent W/Ginger & Lime | 6.6%

A cocktail inspired beer that will put you in the Fall spirit. Big ginger aroma with the subtlety of lime that builds as you imbibe.


NO. 6: magnanimous w/peppercorn | 6.6%

An old friend is back, but with a twist. A robust peppercorn flavor with some chocolate coming through in the finish. Ask your bartender for a steak or cigar to pair with it. Just kidding, we don’t have the money.


NO. 7: sybarite w/apricots | 4.8%

The apricot is strong with this one. Similar to a sour beer candy. Fruit in beer - that’s what we do.

no. 8: Sybarite W/Raspberries

The raspberry flavor and aroma are not subtle. this beer is the equivalent of cramming fresh raspberries into your mouth. You’re Welcome.

No. 9: New Sour Coming Soon!

NO. 10: An hour 45 each way | 5.2%

OUr first COLLABORATION with our friends at streetside brewery. we blended one barrel from each of our cellars and MARRIED them in a puncheon full of nectarines. the result is a dry, clean blonde with the perfect acidity. barrel buddies unite!


NO. 11: Fervency | 5.4%

It’s December now, which is the appropriate time to release spiced winter ales (Dec 21 is first day of winter, just FYI). Cranberry, orange zest, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, and cinnamon all come together to create an aroma reminiscent of the holidays. It’s the perfect sour to drink by the fire or while watching your kids open presents and complain that it’s not what they wanted.

No. 12: indolence | 5.0%

the passion fruit aroma is very apparent. the dichotomy of sweet and sour unite to create something unlike any beer we have ever tried. the balance of lactose, vanilla, and passion fruit impart a flavor that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.


adamantine | $13*

truculent w/ cucumber & lime | $11*

Truculent W/ Cashmere | $11*

Derisive | $11*

proficient | $11*

exultation | $13*

Sybarite | $11*

magnanimous | $11*

magnanimous w/coffee | $11*

magnanimous w/peppercorn | $11*

antonomasia | $13*

truculent w/peaches | $13*

Sybarite w/ apricots | $13*

Sybarite w/ cherries | $13*

ambivalence | $13*

derisive w/strawberries | $13*

*Plus tax

500 mL/bottle