On Tap

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No. 1: truculent w/cucumber & lime | 5.2%

When we set out to make this “summer beer,” we envisioned a hard seltzer, except much better. Crisp and refreshing with a hint of fruit but not overwhelming (yes, cucumber is a fruit, we will debate you on this, and we will win). We added both lime juice and zest to enhance the flavor and aroma. The resulting beverage has a fruity, almost melon-like quality, with an unmistakable cucumber finish.



NO. 2: Truculent W/Cashmere | 5.1%

our sour blonde ale dry hopped with copious amounts of cashmere hops. These hops contribute a wide array of tropical flavors from mango to passion fruit.



NO. 3: Derisive | 5.3%

A blend of red and brown sour ale aged in white wine barrels. The beer pours a beautiful reddish brown with an aroma of cherries, oak and clove. The flavor is a combination of cherry and citrus. A slight sweetness balances the acidity and keeps you coming back for more.



No. 4: derisive w/ Coffee | 5.4%

Bold coffee aroma is complemented by bright fruity aromas. The flavor is complex; fruity with a light roast, sour with a slight malt character. A fun beer that steps outside the box of traditional sour beer flavors.



NO. 5: magnanimous oyo | 10%

The first release of our dark sour. This beer was aged for over six months in OYO whiskey barrels that once held their Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka. This robust beer features chocolate and whiskey flavors coupled with some malty sweetness and slight acetic acid finish. A great counterpoint to the rest of our menu.



NO. 6: exultation | 5.2%

A blend of red and blonde sour ales aged on black currants and pomegranates. These subtle fruits give a complex flavor that is both familiar and obscure without being overbearingly sweet. The beer is dry and refreshing with an assertive acidity.



NO. 7: sybarite | 5.5%

our Sour red ale aged in a blend of red and white wine barrels. the aroma is citrusy with a hint of oak. the flavor is complex with vanilla notes from the oak and a bright orange citrus from the brettanomyces.



NO. 8: Sybarite W/ Cherries | 5.6%

our sour red ale aged on several hundred pounds of red tart cherries.  the cherry aroma is reminiscent of A FRESH SLICE OF PIE.  THE OAK TANNIN AND ASSERTIVE ACIDITY GIVE THIS BEER A NICE DRY FINISH.  



NO. 9: Magnanimous | 6.6%

our dark sour ale aged in wine barrels for ten months. the aroma is bright with citrus, cherry, oak, and caramel. the flavor is complex with notes of chocolate, oak and red wine.



NO. 10: Bedizened | 5.5%

You can't miss the guava and vanilla in this beer, both in aroma and flavor. One sip in and you're transported to a tropical paradise (do you hear those waves crashing? Use your imagination guys.). The sweetness of the guava and vanilla are balanced by the ascertive acidity. The addition of lactose creates a creaminess that adds to it's tropical perfection.



NO. 11: ambivalence | 5.5%

Yup, that's straight up pineapple... Our sour blonde aged for eight months in red wine barrels with pineapple



NO. 12: new sour coming soon!



truculent w/ cucumber & lime --- $11*

Truculent W/ Cashmere --- $11*

Derisive --- $11*

derisive w/ coffee --- $11*

exultation --- $13*

magnanimous --- $11*

Sybarite --- $11*

Sybarite w/ cherries --- $13*

ambivalence --- $13*

*Plus tax

500 mL/bottle